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About the Kibler Family

How did they get into this lifestyle anyway?

Keith comes to endurance from years of human endurance competition. After repeat Ironman triathlons and over 20,000 miles of running and biking, he was ready for a new challenge. "My wife, Sandy, was into gaited horses and I had quarter horses. After my last Ironman Triathlon, I thought I had just about accomplished what I could reasonably expect to accomplish in that sport and I decided I wanted to try competing on a horse. I knew how to prepare a human for long distance competition, so I applied those training principles to horses."

Those training principles worked and worked well.   "We have had success at endurance with gaited horses and it has really surprised us how well the horses have done. Now we are trying to discover just how good they can be in this sport. Along the way, Sandy and I have fallen in love with the sport of endurance and get to ride thousands of miles a year in training and competition together. Most of the mileage is right here in our beloved Shawnee National Forest. We are so blessed to have these horses and a sport we both love at this point in our lives. We hope to share our horses and what we have learned with others."

Although his daughter (pictured with Keith and Sandy above) would edit to add that he simply promised her a pony when she was six. He eventually kept his word, and when he did his heart grew 3 sizes larger and he fell in love with the little beastie.

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