Our Horses

Over half of our horses are being ridden for endurance. Our horses are ridden hundreds of miles every year to get them ready for these events. There are several five and six year olds showing promise of speed and endurance, and some have received "Best Conditioned" awards. Please check back as we continue to add the rest of our herd to our website.

  • honey

    Southern Honey

    Smooth as silk and beautiful.

  • samba

    Traveler's Dandy Samba

    Tiny and nimble, we're fully expecting this little love to turn out just like her mother.

  • pippin

    Silver's Wild Kate

    My seasoned endurance girl, this horse has my heart and the top points for Tennessee Walking Horses in the United States.

  • blues

    Blue's Golden Lad W.

    Best described as "hot", Blues is the treasure who got me hooked on endurance to begin with.

  • cheyenne

    Silver's White Diamond

    Learning endurance and pleasing us every step of the way. Cheyenne is calm and tenacious.

  • dandy

    Revenge's Dandy Lady

    Dandy is our 18 year old brood mare, who has done endurance herself. Everyone fights over getting to ride her because she's so smooth.

  • savanah

    Savanah Sunrise - Sold

    Smooth gait and a good reach with a personality more like her lovely mother all the time. Strikingly beautiful and a great ride.

  • jazz

    Dancer's Southern Princess - Sold

    One of our younger mares, Jazz is loving endurance and is surprisingly strong and gifted.

  • pippin

    Pippin - Sold

    A steady and strong gelding with a sweet disposition and a good attitude. He's got a nice racking gait and running walk.

  • indigo

    Indigo Spirit

    Indigo is a blue roan TWH Standardbred cross whose beauty is only rivaled by her affection.

  • niki

    Rooster's Pusher Lady - Sold

    Fast, smooth, tough, beautiful and very good manners. What more could you want?

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